We play - that's what we do best, liberating us to sensuality and sassiness.
We play with the notion of failure, and with cliches, with our queer identity and with our broken dreams and illusions.
This is a critical time when nations seek to seal their borders and repel "the other". Politics and the public are lashing out against minorities and targeting them as "outsiders". In a carnival of play on stage, the four men generate a space embracing the foreigner.
However, reality creeps in. The performers dive between intimacy and alienation, forced finally between their personal identity and the political.

performers and co-creators: Joel Bray/Stefan Ferry, Gilad Jerusalmi, Oren Laor, Niv Sheinfeld. 

Artistic advise: Ruth Gwily, Keren Levi. 
Light design: Netta Koren 

With the support of the Israeli Lottery Fund for Arts and Culture.


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