Ship of Fools

Premiered in the Israel festival 2011

Three characters coexist alongside one another, while each is bound in a closed, protected world of his own.  Nonetheless, the encounter between them is inevitable. As the boundaries separating the characters are crossed, their personal baggage falls apart and becomes exposed. Ship of Fools is a stage event that uses movement, text and poetry, to examine the fragile encounter between the human need to protect one's distinctiveness from destruction or alteration and his yearning for interpersonal contact, for understanding and the acceptance of his internal world by the other.   

choreography and directing:
Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor.
performers and co-creators: Sascha Engel, Anat Grigorio, Uri Shafir.
original music: Didi Erez.
costume: Inbal Lieblich.
light design: Netta Koren.
drawing: Ruth Gwilly.
video editing: Sascha Engel.
SHIP OF FOOLS was comissiones by Israel Festival 2011 and produced by Niv Sheinfeld & Oren Laor Dance Projects.