Big Mouth

3 performers spin into a march based on Israeli folk dance steps. Cornerstones from the national cannon blast out into the space demanding unity and conformity. The performers become trapped between their desire to become part of the system on one hand, and explore their personal identity on the other. "Big Mouth" explores the relationship of the individual to collective and to structure, and the tension between the desire for independance and the surrounding framework. 
By and with: Niv Sheinfeld, Oren Laor, Keren Levi  
Coproducer: Grand Theatre Groningen
Original music and editing: Didi Erez  
Music: Ori Vidislavski, Effi Netzer 
Light design: Netta Koren 
Rehearsal manager: Karmit Buryan
Show manager: Orna Gratz.